Contact us: Merghiem St., El-Noubaria – Upper Side, In-front of Army Station El-Amria, Alexandria, Egypt.

About us

Academia for Industrial Solutions tackles strategic and technical challenges impacting the environment for research collaboration. We are a consultancy and project oriented organization where our members identify issues impacting university-industry relationship and opportunities to develop new approaches.

Academia working along with their partners to:

  • Maximize the potential of existing collaborations and partnerships along the entire Partnership Continuum.
  • Build new networks and opportunities for future collaboration.
  • Remove barriers to join research project success.
  • Carefully managed the projects with full respect to industrial/petroleum needs.
  • Manufacture, assemble and market of new products/service.


Our current main programs covers but not limited to the following topics:

  • Energy saving and management
  • Research and Development of their operation’s process, products and services
  • Caring of economic, environment and safety conditions
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Control consultancy.
  • Fabrication and supply of mechanical metering skids.

Our Vision

Academia for Industrial Solutions (A.I.S) intended to be the market leader in Middle East and Africa for developing novel engineering solutions for our customers. Engaging corporate social responsibility programs by bridging the gap between academic institutes and industrial/petroleum sectors. Achieve the required connection, so that enhance the business as well as social behavior

Our Mission

Being pioneer in Egypt employing academic researchers as a part of our team undertaking sustainable analysis for our customers and serving them to enhance their business.

We endeavor to understand our customers’ business, in order to be able to offer comprehensive sustainable solutions to their business. Thanks granted to Academic researchers who are playing master role of our success aligned with our workshop and technical expertise, focusing on customer’s needs.

Our web based platform assists industrial sectors to reach the academic institutes with no barriers at maximum confidence.”


  • The development of a deep understanding and respect of the diverse goals, missions, and cultures between our universities and companies, and appreciation of the synergy that they can afford


Open communication

  • Create an open communication channels between academic institutes and industrial/petroleum sectors.


Commitment to making a difference

  • Innovation for the public good, maximizing to the greatest extent possible, the information and products that will ultimately be available to the public
  • Mutual commitment to sharing our experiences, diverse perspectives, and expertise, and lead to high impact training and professional development Alignment of the varied goals and cultures of university and industry in pursuit of innovation and research
  • Strategic, result-oriented thinking and the development of practical, active demonstrations or pilots. Recognition of the benefits of university-industry collaborations and the opportunity lost when mutually beneficial agreements cannot be reached



  • An appropriate level of trust based upon personal engagement and shared experiences
  • A commitment to principled and transparent negotiations

Academia for Industrial Solutions has been established with new innovated strategy, in order to rank the Corporate Social Responsibility as a one of our major priorities. Egypt society has a bad need for sufficient linkage between Academic institutes and Industrial sectors.

As part of our commitment to the Egyptian society, Academia for Industrial Solutions is to help under-graduate candidates as well as post-graduated researchers for getting much influence to the real-life demand and hence we can transform their preliminary ideas into real valued products or services. In order to do so, our expert team will share their knowledge on different aspects technically, financially and managerial.

Academia is doing their best to use academic researchers from different fields in their projects and construction activities. Furthermore, we are giving all needed support to academic researchers, helping them to formulate their academic theory into final products ready for market use.

By applying in our grant’s researcher programs, Academia is proving the researchers with all required support such as technical knowhow, financial investment, managerial and marketing consultations.