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Academia provides its services in different fields, our main specialty are:

  • Research and Development
  • Engineering and Consultancy
  • Constructions and Turn-Key Projects
  • Training Providers

Research and Development

Academia for Industrial Solutions works on R&D Solutions for industrial and Petroleum sectors. Many companies has not the ability to allocate a separate team for R&D, hence, Academia is your best partner. R&D Solutions are a portfolio of tools that bring together incomparable data assets, powerful analytics and technologies to help R&D professionals, engineers and researchers invent and commercialize ideas, products and processes.

Our team has a wide experience in industrial field, so we can help our customers for finding the week points in their production, analyze the existing situation and perform a detailed analysis for improving the week areas. Our main target is to seek the different industry’s problems and optimize a solution to their business, so that they can raise their performance.

Academia is used various resources, in order to deliver full R&D package required for industrial / petroleum sectors. Our field of expertise covered but not limited to Mechanical, Electrical, Automation & Control, Measurements and Process consultation.

Engineering and Consultancy 

Academia for Industrial Solutions works on Engineering and Consultancy Solutions for industrial and Petroleum sectors.

Academia has the ability to cover the full package for engineering design and consultancy services, such as:

  • Engineering Design (Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Measurement)
  • Studies and Master Planning
  • Construction Supervision
  • Project Management

Academia uses their allocated expert team as well as virtual researcher team members for delivering the state-of-are engineering and technologies based design to their customers.

Construction and Turn-key projects

Academia for Industrial Solutions is an oriented – projects company. We could provide a full resources and /or facilities to perform a professional turn-key projects. Academia is used a certified projects managers for handling the assigned projects with full engineering teams either from our employees or by using our academics partners.

Academia is covering turn-key projects for Mechanical, Electrical and Control requirements. We are a professional panel builder for control/automation systems required for industrial / petroleum sectors.

Academia can help their customers from starting point of the project, review the technical details, submitting the detailed analysis and engineering and implementing the project as per the client’s requirements.

Training Provider

Academia for industrial solutions is providing a various industrial training’s programs for all industrial sectors, individuals and under-graduated students. Our courses has been designed and prepared with all respect to real industrial life, included but not limited to:

  • Classic Control Philosophy and Applications
  • PLC, SCADA and Drives (Siemens)
  • Process control and measurements
  • Power Quality (Grounding, Harmonics and Power Factor)
  • Mechanical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Design / Calculations
  • Power Saving Management.
  • Industrial Prospective of Project Management.